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Trail Maps

The following trail maps are available for download.  Please click on the map name to download the map. 

Map #    Map Name
1 Hatch Point/Behind the Rocks
2 La Sal Mountains
3 Upper and Lower Two Mile/Buckeye Loop
4 Hook and Ladder Trails
5 Falls - Missile
6 Bridger Jack Mesa/Heifer Mesa
7 Photograph Gap
8 Beef Basin/North Long Point
9 Gooseberry/Elk Ridge
10 Shay Ridge/Abajo Mountains
11 Piute Pass/Jacob's Chair
12 Peavine Corridor/Woodenshoe
13 Blanding to Bulldog
14 South Cottonwood Wash
15 Arch Canyon/Texas Flat
16 Tables of the Sun
17 Moqui Canyon/Mancos Mesa
18 Cedar Mesa
19 Hole in the Rock
20 Johns Canyon
21 River House Ruin

Although the maps can be printed on any size of paper, they are most legible when printed on larger paper or multiple sheets of letter size (8.5" x 11") paper.

Here is an index map showing the areas covered by the 21 trail maps listed above.  For a higher resolution index map please click here.

We appreciate the work of those in the San Juan County Jail Education Center who produced these maps. 

Please send any suggestions or corrections to

S P E A R  PO Box 353  Blanding  UT  85411