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T-Shirts are made from quality materials and imprinted front and back with the S P E A R logo. Supplies are limited and not all sleeve lengths and/or sizes are available in all colors. Please tell us in the spaces provided what kind of substitution you will accept, and what to do with your refund should one be necessary.

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Back Front To order, please provide the following contact information: After filling in the form, click "Click here" button at the bottom of the form. None of this information will be saved. Once you leave this page, the info is gone forever. You can just hand print or type the requested info on a plain piece of paper & mail it to us. We don't care how you do it, just do it!
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* Your email address is safe with us.  It will be used only to send you official SPEAR information.  You may opt out of receiving email from SPEAR at any time. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

T-Shirt ColorSizeQuantity
Green (Short Sleeve)$10.00
Green (Long Sleeve) $17.00 Extra Large Only
Dark Green (Short Sleeve) $10.00  Extra Large Only
Dark Green (Long Sleeve) $17.00
Blue (Short Sleeve) $10.00 Large Only
Blue (Long Sleeve) $17.00
Dark Blue (Short Sleeve) $10.00
Dark Blue (Long Sleeve) $17.00
Tan (Short Sleeve) $10.00
Tan (Long Sleeve) $17.00
Red (Short Sleeve) $10.00 Extra Large Only
Red (Long Sleeve) $17.00
Select Amount
Membership $20.00
Business Membership $40.00
No substitution send a refund if necessary.
No substitution and consider my refund amount a donation.
Substitution are okay as per the instructions below (write your 2nd and 3rd choices below)
Please add $5.00 per T-Shirt for Postage and make checks payable to SPEAR. (Please, don't send cash through the mail). Send your check and the form above to:
C/O Jody Fellmuth
Box 353
Blanding, UT  85411
Click here to print this form.

S P E A R  PO Box 353  Blanding  UT  85411